News:Pitch perfect? Quad Tank Competition, business summit scheduled Oct. 20 in Orange

Before the pitch competition, though, the summit features Doll, a serial entrepreneur with a knack for networking.

Passionate about business growth, sales, and female empowerment, Doll, based in Culpeper, has helped companies across the globe boost their sales and revenue.

“I have worked with a professional remote team for 18 years now, and we just love taking on new projects and making them a success,” she says. “My major focus is helping small start-ups grow into something bigger. I’m here to guide entrepreneurs and business owners in realizing their goals and dreams. There’s no easy path to success but if you learn to enjoy the journey and have a helping hand (or two) along the way, it makes the end result even sweeter.”

“She’s very enthusiastic and energetic with a very outgoing personality,” Deal said of Doll. “Those who listen to her speak will learn what it takes to start a business, what to do if you get stuck and discover what resources are out there to help.

“After hearing her, I think people are going to be energized, and that’s something businesses especially need after the last 18 months,” Deal said.

Following Doll’s keynote address, a panel of local business owners will conduct a question-and-answer session with summit participants.

Panelists include: Peter Rice, chair of BoxInBoxOut in Madison; Andrew Mavraganis, COO and CFO of Spire Collective in Fluvanna County; and Shannon Horton, general manager of Horton Vineyards in Orange County.

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