Zero1 USA pro wresting to return Saturday in Mattoon | Entertainment

Zero 1 USA professional wrestling plans to hold a “Homecoming” event Saturday night as it returns to Burgess-Osborne Memorial Auditorium for the first time since before the COVID-19 outbreak began.

“We are beyond ecstatic over our return to our home fan base,” said Zero 1 USA promoter David Cavazos of Mattoon in a press release.

The matches will include former Zero 1 USA junior heavyweight champion Victor Analog vs. Anakin Murphy, veteran DaCobra vs. newcomer Devonte Knox, former tag team champions Jordan Perry and Joey O’Riley of “The Lowlifes” vs. newcomers “The Young Goats,” world heavyweight champion Camaro Jackson vs. “The Monster Justin Kyle, and former world heavyweight champion Jake Dirden vs. Connelly.

After a year and a half in the dark, the curtains will soon rise once again here in Philadelphia with a big “welcome back” celebration happening Saturday on the Avenue of the Arts.

The idea of live performances returning to our stages is emotional for audiences and the artists too. The Philadelphia Orchestra just started rehearsals Friday.

On Saturday, they will be providing one of 50 free, live performances at Arts Launch 2021, the big grand reopening event at the Kimmel Cultural Campus.

It’s a big moment and one we’ve been waiting 18 months for.

“There’s nothing like being home,” said Matías Tarnopolsky, the President & CEO of The Philadelphia Orchestra & Kimmel Center. “When the orchestra started rehearsing today, it brought tears to my eyes. This is profoundly moving. It’s actually really hard to put into words.”

Just in time for Saturday’s big event, the “I Heart Philly” sculpture was installed in front of the Kimmel Cultural Campus.

It was first installed in LOVE Park in 2019 for a welcome event, and now it’s back for Arts Launch 2021, where it will stay through the end of October.

“We’re welcoming people back to the Avenue of the Arts. We are welcoming people back to live performances. We’re welcoming people back to the city,” said Kelly Lee, the Chief Cultural Officer for the City of Philadelphia. “That’s what ‘I Heart Philly’ represents. It’s a welcoming statue, it represents all cultures and all types of creativity.”

Everyone is invited to place stickers representing their culture and heritage on the heart

“Definitely stand by the space sculpture, get your picture taken,” said Lee. “If you have a sticker that represents your culture, or the way you like to create, put it on the heart. That’s what it’s for. We want that heart to represent all of Philadelphia.”

Arts Launch 2021 is happening Saturday, September 18th from 11am to 4pm with 50 free performances across the Kimmel Cultural Campus.

Cavazos said their main event will be the culmination of a “feud that is over two years in the making” with the junior heavyweight championship on the line.

“Jake Lander and Jimmy Karryt have faced each other in nearly every type of scenario conceivable, and nearly killed each other last month at the Decatur Civic Center in a four-way ladder match,” Cavazos said. “But on Saturday, they will do it one more time. No gimmicks. The championship can only change hands by pin fall or submission.”

Cavazos said front row tickets are sold out and a limited amount of general admission tickets remain available via The doors will open at 6 p.m. and the matches will start at 7 p.m. at the auditorium, 1701 Wabash Ave.

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How Netflix Is Changing the Entertainment Industry

first began its worldwide expansion in 2016, the streaming service has rewritten the playbook for global entertainment — from TV to film, and soon, to video games.

Global hit series and movies were once nearly all made in Hollywood and exported internationally. Now, thanks to Netflix’s investments in international TV and film, programming from Spain, India, Brazil, and Korea is finding massive audiences around the world.

Netflix figured out that to thrive on an international stage it needed both mass-market programming like “Stranger Things,” as well as local content like “Lupin,” “Money Heist,” and “Sacred Games” that could grab viewers in specific markets.

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The strategy helped the streaming service grow its customer base to 209 million paid subscribers globally, as of June.

Its momentum is also reinvigorating production in places like Germany, Mexico, and India, as companies like Disney, WarnerMedia, Apple, Amazon follow Netflix’s lead.

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Netflix has reoriented its leadership around its new global model.

The streaming company, cofounded by tech entrepreneur Reed Hastings, promoted content chief Ted Sarandos to co-CEO in 2020, which cemented the importance of content within the organization. Meanwhile, Bela Bajaria, who had been in charge of international non-English TV, took the reins of the overall TV business, and product chief Greg Peters took on additional duties as COO, including streamlining how global teams work together.

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The company has also formed an elite team of 23 interdisciplinary execs to help make its biggest decisions. Known internally as the “Lstaff ” — the “L” stands for leadership — the group sits between the company’s officers and its larger executive staff of vice presidents and above, who are called the “Estaff.”

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Netflix’s is searching for its next frontier

Still, Netflix is facing more competition than ever from an influx of rivals that are learning to play its game.

Nearly every major media company, from Disney to WarnerMedia, now runs a streaming service. Their platforms are stockpiled with tentpole movies and TV shows that used to only be found in theaters or on linear TV, and their libraries now rival Netflix’s.

The competition is pushing the streaming giant to continue to evolve.

Netflix recently expanded its efforts into podcasting and even started pedaling merchandise for series like “Lupin.”

In July, the company confirmed plans to offer video games on its subscription service.

It hired Mike Verdu, the former head of Facebook Reality Labs, as its vice president of game development and is currently hiring for video-game-related jobs.

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Netflix plans to approach gaming like it did movies and TV shows. It’ll start off slowly, commissioning and licensing titles based on existing franchises like “Stranger Things” or “Bridgerton.” Then, it will begin to experiment with other kinds of video-game storytelling, like it did with its original series.

“Maybe someday we’ll see a game that spawns a film or a series,” Peters told investors in July. “That would be an amazing place to get to and really see the rich interplay between these sort of different forms of entertainment.”